Thursday, 30 May 2013

CONTINUUM – I think I've found my show

It's been a long time since I've really enjoyed a current TV show. Of late it's even been tough to sit through my beloved Doctor Who, and after finding stuff I kinda like (Warehouse 13) and stuff that promised so much but turned out to be painful to watch (Defiance), I was feeling a bit left out.

Everyone seems to have so much stuff they love, and I remember being just the same a few years ago, but now there seems to be so little that appeals to me. This is down to not having the time or patience to dedicate to stuff for long now, and though new content needs to grab me from the get-go.

One such show which I have latched onto properly is the rather wonderful (if somewhat underrated, from what I can see) CONTINUUM. Blending science fiction, action and drama in a story of time travel and assorted intrigue, it has a great concept and a strong cast, as well as a beautiful balance of SF concepts and contemporary TV.

I've been getting through the first season and enjoying it greatly, and the start of season 2 is sat on our TiVo waiting for me to indulge. The writing is strong, and while the cast are all far too immaculate, they carry off their parts very well. The only thing that I can't get past is that the chunk of the time machine looks very much like a piece of a Terry's Chocolate Orange. I'm glad I've been able to find something cool again. Long may it continuum. Erm. You know what I mean.

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