Sunday, 3 February 2013


I wish I'd seen this film years ago, rather than now when I'm jaded by thousands of slasher movies full of attitude-laden teenagers. The Mutilator (with it's frankly awesome tagline 'BY SWORD, BY PICK, BY AXE, BYE BYE!') is a cult favourite amongst slasher fans, and it's easy to see why.

The trashy atmosphere of the film is further helped by a campy script, hammy performances and some gloriously tacky death scenes. In fact, one particular death scene really sticks out as the pinnacle of the film's trashiness, when a guy is attacked with a saw and takes an overly long time to finally fall to the ground, instead hanging desperately onto every morsel of screen time he can get before collapsing into a bloodied heap.

The premise is that of a bunch of the film follows a group of teens staying at a beach house being picked off one by one by the demented father of one character, who we see murder their mother in the opening flashback sequence.

Once the concept is established, then logic and characterisation fly straight out of the window in favour of grisly 80s horror fun. The Mutilator has a lot going for it if you're a fan of this calibre of trash cinema, and delivers the goods when it comes to the kill scenes.

If you're not one for formulaic (yet good fun) 80s horror movies with kinda faceless casts (yet decent quality direction from Buddy Cooper), then this really won't be for you, but if you fancy a slasher marathon, you could do a lot worse than lining this little gem from the VHS era up alongside flicks like SLEEPAWAY CAMP and SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE.

Very much a product of the era, it's nevertheless a fun flick with some decent scares and some marvellously bloody kills.

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