Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Reconnecting With My Addiction

Wow. So, apart from this, I've only posted here at Diary Of A Genre Addict 42 times this year. The explanation is simple, and comes down to two things which happened this year which have changed my life and made me a billion times busier. Those two things are parenthood and becoming a homeowner. Trying to figure out an entirely new routine for living my life has not been easy, and is still to be fully decided upon.

I have had very little leisure time in months, literally five minutes here and there, or bus journeys. Thus my genre addiction has not been fed as much as it should have been this year.

It's not for lack of trying, though as I must have attempted to sit down with a film something like fifty times and yet something always came up, or my phone would ring, or someone wold arrive to visit, or even those few occasions where I just blacked out from fatigue and woke up a couple of hours later, wondering where the hell I was.

Some semblance of a regular routine is taking shape now, and as such I am taking time out for a movie night on my own with snacks and gore. The film? The uncut edition of Lucio Fulci's masterpiece THE BEYOND. I'm hoping I can stay awake through it. It's not that the film's dull (it really isn't) – it's juts that I am so very tired and zombified that it's hard to focus on anything at all.

This mental and physical struggle has forced me to cut back on my leisure writing so I have been able to focus on my magazine work and my forthcoming seventh and eighth books. However, Diary Of A Genre Addict has been very much on my mind lately.

The site is not ending any time soon, but it has to be said that I have neglected it in recent months. So I guess what I'm saying is that service has been resumed, albeit service which is anything but normal. How the hell have you been?

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