Friday, 12 October 2012


Director: Albert Pyun 

So at last I have finally completed my NEMESIS set. All four films are now in my possession, and I've finally seen the final movie. I kinda wish I hadn't bothered tracking down a nice imported NTSC VHS copy for my library, as I really do feel I wasted my time getting hold of it and watching the damn thing. You can find my reviews of the first three namely NEMESIS, NEMESIS 2: NEBULA and NEMESIS 3: TIME LAPSE elsewhere on this site.

In a nutshell, I loved the first two and can tolerate the third. The first is a classic of low budget cyberpunk cinema involving long coats, ultraviolence, Olivier Gruner, Brion James and some cheap but cool special effects.

The second and third are nothing like that, instead bringing us ludicrously muscular bodybuilder Sue Price as Alex, a genetically engineered warrior flung into the past as a child in order to escape the marauding cyborgs which are at war with humanity in the future (yeah, I know, shades of a certain series of flicks starting with the letter 'T').

The second was a rip-off of Predator, while the third was just a demented mess. I still kinda liked it, though. At the end of that film, there was a stinger promising all kinds of explodey mayhem in NEMESIS 4.

Instead.... this.

In NEMESIS 4: CRY OF ANGELS, the war has ended (we missed that film, evidently) and Alex is working as an assassin in a burned-out city. The film looks dreadful, although it has a certain art-house quality to it. That quality is hugely out of place though.

Alex wants to quit her life of killing, and asks for a final assignment. As she takes the target out, she begins to hallucinate, seeing a strange woman in black... is this the angel of death?

Uh... then some other stuff happens, involving some dull action scenes and far too many scenes of Alex semi-or-fully naked, shot in such a fashion as to feel nothing but exploitative, and not in a fun way.

Andrew Divoff shows up as a close-up face with some daft makeup on, being all cyberpunky at the camera. And there are some mutants, or cyborgs, or something. And lots of messy sex. Uh... I'm really struggling to tell you a great deal about the film because not much actually happens in it. Minus the credits, it runs for about 70 minutes and even that running time it's stretched.

The run-down locale is nice and atmospheric (looks like central Europe somewhere), but it's an utterly pointless film and answers none of the questions left by the third. It certainly doesn't deliver the sort of film that previous sequel promised, and it's hard to work out why it even has the NEMESIS title. It's a shame, as it really feels like a film series I have enjoyed many times has been ruined by seeing this last one. A huge wasted opportunity.

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