Thursday, 26 July 2012


I saw The Dark Knight Rises yesterday, and absolutely loved the film, which pleased me greatly as I seem to be one of the only people in the world who absolutely despised the previous flick, namely The Dark Knight. I found that one bloated and meandering, while this one I found to be jam-packed with plot and entertainment.

That's not what this piece is about though. This piece is about the rating. The film is a 12A here, and, like the previous film, that rating is absolutely ridiculously inappropriate.

The Dark Knight Rises should be a 15 certificate, or at the absolute outside a 12. Allowing a film which is chock full of onscreen death and onscreen violence to be viewable in cinemas b small children is grotesque in the extreme. As a devout fan of grossly inappropriate cinema, I am fully aware that kids want to see the new batman film, but parents have to pay some attention and check these things out to see if what they are showing their children is appropriate for both their age and their mental development.

Yes, The Dark Knight Rises is a superhero film. Yes, it features Batman beating up bad guys. Yes, it features comic characters Bane and Catwoman. However, this is not a film which is suitable for small children to see. The violence isn't stylised enough to be cartoonish. The situations are not camp enough to come across as tongue-in-cheek.

The Dark Knight Rises is a relentlessly bleak and violent film, a masterpiece, yes, but a masterpiece which should be off-limits to kids. Blah blah blah, “they'll see it anyway”, blah, “They know it's not real”, blah blah “I downloaded it and they love it” blah. They'll see it anyway? Why? Are you that bad a parent? Get some perspective, you moron. They know it's not real? Possibly, but it is frightening and the realism of much of it will desensitize them still further to just how crap violence is in real life. You downloaded it? Get out of my sight, you traitor. If you love films so much, then you should be supporting them properly. The same with your kids.

I fully understand that money must be made, but, especially after the controversy surrounding The Dark Knight, this new one should have been given a 15 certificate. The BBFC are now so very lax that they can't stick by their own rulings (remember their stance on The Human Centipede 2? “No matter how many cuts are made, it will not get a UK release” and then BAM, there it is, with minimal cuts).

The BBFC are cowards now, bowing to studio pressure rather than sticking to a set of morals which were put I place to preserve some decency. I am not for a second detracting from The Dark Knight Rises, as it's an incredible film, but it's an incredible film which needs to be seen by viewers of a suitable age.

Remember the Video Nasties era? People were PROSECUTED for letting ADULTS see a lot of those films, hence the BBFC coming into existence in the first place. Do they even care any more? Hello? BBFC? Would you stick a child of four years of age in front of a giant screen with musclebound psycopath Bane snapping people's necks (and more) on it? Snap out of it.

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