Tuesday, 13 March 2012


The company name Green Communications and the name Talaat Captain made me very happy at the start of this film, as they were involved with a bunch of Straight To Video gems from the mid 1990s which made up a large portion of my regular rental viewing. This film is no different to those other 90s SF action flicks aside from having a far larger scale to it, which is handled with gusto, albeit with less than spectacular results.

With effects straight out of the Babylon 5 school of Making The Best Out Of Limited Resources (and even stealing things outright – there's a B5 jump gate in the first five minutes!), characters stolen outright from Aliens, a soundtrack ripped off from Starship Troopers, and villains out of some forgotten 80s cartoon, it's hard to take seriously, but if you have a taste for the ridiculous and can enjoy a film even when it's atrocious, you'll love it.

Of course, many will be confused by the title, as it's not about the iconic Space Marines of the Warhammer universe, but rather a bunch of generic marines in a generic future setting going through a generic story about a bunch of badasses fighting other badasses in order to save a dignitary and take back a cargo ship stuffed with a valuable ore. The space battles and human action scenes are straight out of everyone's boyhood dreams, which is where they should really have stayed. Space Marines is big, dumb fun with a tiny budget, and if you're in the mood, it's awesome. If not, then it's hilarious. Either way, everyone's a winner.

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