Friday, 3 February 2012


It's midnight. It's friday night. It's time for a double-bill of classic nasties to wash away the working week and herald the arrival of a beauteous weekend of VHS hunting and proper sleep. Tonight's back-to-back atrocities are NIGHTMARES IN A DAMAGED BRAIN (NIGHTMARE, to my American readers) and DEMONS 2.

Nightmares In A Damaged Brain hasn't had a screening at our place in far too long, and Demons 2 has to follow as this week I picked up classic VHS editions of both DEMONS and its sequel (I already have both on Dvd but the Avatar VHS tapes of them I found were too nice to pass up). I had the first one on again yesterday morning before work (which set me up in a very weird frame of mind for my shift at the day-job, I can tell you!).

The Friday Night Double Bill is something that I rarely get chance to do, and will get even less chance to do soon as we have a baby on the way, so I'm making the most of my man time while I am able to do so. There is an art to getting the setting for the Friday night movie marathon right. There must be s suitable amount of beverage (2 litres of diet cola tonight), snacks (check), comfortable attire (check), a perfect view of the TV (check) and some solitude (check).

My lady is fast asleep, and thus I am able to let the bloke shine through. I've got my feet up at the moment and am watching ludicrously graphic images of people having their throats slit in a classic Video Nasty. The only thing missing it a few bottles of lager, but I was left without enough time earlier today in order to pick any up. That aside, I am in film geek paradise right now.

This situation is able to take bad films and make them seem like masterpieces. Thankfully I have chosen two films I know I love for tonight's session, so there's no risk of me not enjoying them, but even a bad film can be enjoyed in the right setting. Hell, regular readers will be well-versed in how easy it I for me to enjoy crappy films. I really should be doing something far more high-brow, like writing my Magnum Opus or reading some of the million books that seem to find their way into our home (I buy books far faster than I read them), but sometimes you just need a Friday Night Double Bill in all its gory glory. Here's to fitting the stereotype now and again.

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