Sunday, 19 February 2012


I really need to talk to you about the perfection that is the movie TRICK OR TREAT sometime soon. That film remains one of my most treasured titles, as does its awesome soundtrack. A film about a metal fan who must do battle with the demonic ghost of his rock idol? Yes please. I've loved this film for 20 years, and the soundtrack by classic UK metal act FASTWAY just as long. In fact I just sought out a vintage vinyl version of the soundtrack to have framed.

The music video here is for a track from that album, and it's a great slice of raucous 80s hard rock (my particular delicacy). The video is a little odd, due to the hidden bassist and drummer clearly being far too clean cut for the Sammi Curr character and guitarist 'Fast' Eddie Clarke. Ah well. I love the song, I love the album, and I'm going to love talking about the movie for you very soon.

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