Saturday, 18 February 2012


It's hard not to enjoy a movie that has giant, phallic, rubber monsters pulling peoples' faces off throughout its running time. While the script, cast and cinematography are largely dreadful, The Deadly Spawn is somehow brilliant. Originally put out as a blatant cash-in on the original ALIEN, although with a completely different locale and storyline, The Deadly Spawn is a beautifully trashy early 80s horror romp with lashings of gore mixed in with the strangely suburban and low-key setting.

A normal neighbourhood is terrorised by enormous rubber penises with giant, multi-fanged mouths for the entertainment and amusement of the viewer. Of course, they're not actually cocks, but they bloody well look like they are.

With such a a weird mix of horror, comedy and general chaos, there's a feel of early Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson to it. There's that kind of anarchic, fun quality that was so prevalent in genre cinema at the time. Take the spawns themselves, for example. These newborn versions of the main beastie look exactly like bruised cocks, sort of a mix between the Alien chest bursters and sex toys.

It's the sort of film you just know was come up with while drunk and laughing. The Deadly Spawn is about as cheap as it gets when it comes to low budget 80s horror movies, but what budget there was is there on the screen and it has to be said that the makers did manage to pull off some very nice effects sequences. In fact, it's down to those sequences alone that the film is so addictive.

Yeah, the gore scenes are hilarious and cheesy, but they're by far the best part of the film. Overall, it has a weird, trippy quality to it, as it's played completely straight even though people are being eaten by massive rubber willies. It's available at a low price on second-hand VHS and DVD, and is well worth your time if you love your horror cheap, nasty and badly acted (i.e. FUN).

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