Monday, 16 January 2012


After enjoying the hell out of the first two volumes of this glorious series of DVDs from Nucleus Films, the moment I saw volume 3 had been released, I needed it in my life, even though I was still reeling from the battering my bank balance took over Christmas. Soon it was in my sweaty grasp and I sat down for a third helping of horror, action, martial arts, blaxploitation and sleaze trailers from the heyday of the grimy fleapit cinemas (which I sadly missed out on as I wasn't born until '78).

It's been a fascinating experience watching these DVDs, as not only are they ridiculously enjoyable, they also offer me a glimpse of a scene and an era I never got to experience firsthand (I do, however, remember being aware the Video Nasties controversy was going on in the 80s).

Volume three is a little different to the first two entries in the series, and features far less horror (and far less titles you may have heard of), instead leaning heavier on the sleaze/exploitation side of things. This is all well and good, and is still an interesting look at a bunch of low-budget turkeys, but it does sadly lack the gusto and chaotic glee of the earlier discs. This is understandable, as the first two contained a total of 110 trailers, so it can't be easy finding more material for new editions, especially considering the 72 trailers Nucleus compiled for their Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide box set (I watched disc 2 of that again today – absolutely marvellous).

While there are moments when you do kinda feel the disc is scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of the trailers included, there are still some brilliant gems in there ('Schizoid'/'Lizard In A Woman's Skin', 'Linda', 'Invasion of the Flesh Eaters/Cannibal Apocalypse', and shockingly tasteless flicks like 'Nazi Love Camp 27' and 'Tarzana- The Wild Woman'), and a lot of fun to be had.

As a devout horror fan, I would have liked to have seen more of the red stuff flying about, but it's a small complaint really, as volume 3 still offers great value for money considering the content on offer. That said, if a fourth volume ever happens, I'd love some more blood and guts amongst the thighs and chests. Extras include a featurette with movie expert Kim Newman, a poster gallery and 28 extra trailers for other releases. A fine hamper of sleazy delights.

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