Wednesday, 4 January 2012


I watched this second volume of Grindhouse trailer classics back-to-back with the first volume over Christmas, and I can tell you, my friends, that I had the most awesome dream after doing so. Y'see, after over three hours of demented exploitation, horror, action, sleaze and assorted other insanity that makes up the 55 trailers on offer in each volume, I dreamed I was atop a Mad Max style car, zooming across a post-apocalyptic wasteland, firing a roof-mounted gatling gun at a swarm of marauding alien spaceships. Bliss.

Then I woke up and had to make everyone breakfast, which was a bit of a slam back to reality, really.

This second volume of awesome Grindhouse awesomeness features 55 more inspired chunks of trailer lunacy which are undoubtedly better that the films they advertise. From exploitative romps like The Black Gestapo and Ilsa, The Tigress of Siberia to the nastiness of Snuff and the sleaze of Wanda The Wicked Warden, it's another essential release from Nucleus Films (fast becoming my favourite company alongside Arrow).

While featuring less gore than the first volume, it's still a fascinating disc for any lover of old-school cheapo movies, and I loved every second of it. Lovingly compiled and presented in the best quality possible (considering the limitations of the source material), I cannot possibly recommend this series of DVDs highly enough.

There is no featurette starring Emily Booth this time, however there is a feature with Stephen Thrower, author of Nightmare USA, who talks Grindhouse like the pro that he is. There is no poster gallery in this volume, but hey, the content itself is what matters with these releases, and they are a wonder to behold for geeks like us, folks. Buy them and enjoy every crackly, scratched, mono-audio minute of it. Bliss on a disc.

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