Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Christmas can be a wonderful thing if you've pointed friends and family at your Amazon Wish List, as it means they can't go far wrong with anything they buy from it. I am most grateful this year as my Christmas stash included the first two volumes of Nucleus Films' glorious series of GRINDHOUSE TRAILER CLASSICS on DVD. There's a third volume that has been released, which I'll be snapping up once I've written the reviews of these first two.

Dear reader, these DVDs are brilliant. They are essential. They are insane and glorious and beautifully nasty. This first volume features 55 trailers for films that are largely forgotten in the annals of cinema history, but they provide an incredible snapshot of an era of genre cinema that people like me are fascinated by, and while I was born after the Grindhouse cinema boom, I am still hugely interested in that era.

Those films are low budget masterpieces of awful acting, dubious scripting, lashings of gore and astonishing levels of exploitative sleaze. Stuffed with horror, Blaxploitation, Nazisploitation, action, martial arts, sleaze and enough scratchy film reels to make any old-school cinephile salivate, this first volume of Grindhouse trailer classics is a perfect party disc, a perfect evening's viewing, and a perfect addition to any genre addict's stash.

There is an excellent featurette on this disc entitled 'Bump and Grind', presented by UK scream queen Emily Booth, which is fascinating in itself, along with a gallery of Grindhouse poster art and a Nucleus promo reel. It's from the same people behind the amazing, all-encompassing box set Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide, and you need it in your life.

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