Saturday, 17 September 2011

My VHS Adventure Continues

That Horror VHS group I've been addicted to on Facebook of late really has brought back my love for horror on VHS, which is how I originally became obsessed with the genre in the first place. The thing is, now I have actually started to plan expeditions to find more tapes for my rapidly evolving collection (which is already reaching the numbers of my glory days as a horror collector back in the day). I've been making plans whenever I have the time to do so, and am now starting to look further afield for hidden treasures.

 Local charity shops have been stripped of their horror, and particularly fruitful locations are now aware of me and my VHS horror addiction, to the point where they are getting more in from their other branches for me to buy. This is most pleasing.

 There are a few second hand stores on the outskirts of the city centre that have also been a promising playground for me, but now I am planning my ultimate day of VHS haulage thus far, which will see me hand over as much cash as I can afford in order to strip seven stores clean of their gore, splatter and other nastiness. These seven stores all lie on one street, twenty-five minutes away by bus, and I know of the delights they contain thanks to a previous adventure hunting for old SF paperbacks.

Then there is the plan to visit my home town and do the same in the area which is known for its charity shops and second hand dealers, but this requires a train journey and my larger luggage. Am I just hoarding? No, I'm not. This is all part of a plan to build myself a little sideline in second-hand film dealing. You see, one of my ultimate ambitions for the future, alongside my writing aspirations, is to run a second-hand movie and book emporium full of curios, rarities and treasures of an odd variety.

I'm starting now by searching out everything that I know people will want and what they will pay for, as well as bolstering my own collection. It may be seen as a bit of a sad thing to do, a little bit tragic that I'm having so much fun looking out old-school horror on a dead format, but I'm having so much fun that I don't really care. I mean, this does have 'addict' in the name after all, but I know I'm addicted, and while I might not be able to go cold turkey (*twitch*), I am having a great time filling in the jigsaw that is the old-fashioned video rental shop that resides in my head. Get that tracking sorted, I'm coming for YOUR tapes.

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