Friday, 9 September 2011

Must... Stop... Hitting... F5

 The Horror VHS group on Facebook I mentioned recently is sucking my soul out through my eyes. If I'm not glued to some demented film or other, I'm glued to the Horror VHS Collectors Unite group, reading threads I never thought I'd read on FB, about the delights of horror on VHS. I'm addicted, and it feels good, dammit.

I think it's something to do with the fact that at long last I'm in touch with people who share my love for the VHS format (and all of its problems and limitations). It's amazing to be able to browse through literally thousands of photos of VHS collections that I could only dream of, as well as posting my own paltry offerings now and again.

It's a fun place to be, even with the occasional argument that breaks out (hell, it;s the internet. It happens), and I'm thoroughly enjoying joining in with the fun even though the majority of members are from the US and thus have different kinds of experiences to my own as a viewer and collector.

The problem is that my bank balance and available space is now suffering a bit, as are my sanity and my F5 key. Refresh... refresh... refresh I go. I can't help it. I need MORE pictures of battered VHS tapes in tatty covers. I need MORE discussion of obscure, crap old horror flicks. It makes me happy, dammit. Wait, what am I doing? I missed a couple of minutes! (hits F5 in a separate tab...)

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