Monday, 22 August 2011

I Miss The Horror Mag Years

I'm thrilled that The Dark Side is back on UK shelves in all of its gory glory, but of late I have found myself missing the golden years of the horror magazine, around 1990-1992. Back then we had titles like Shivers and suchlike alongside US fare such as Fangoria and the original version of GOREZONE (nothing to do with the UK soft-porn/ occasional film mag currently out there with that name), along with smaller titles such as TOXIC and many more.

I was born in the wrong era and the wrong country to get into Famous Monsters of FilmLand, which I've always felt bad about as I'm a huge fan of the late, great Forrest J. Ackerman, so I was limited to what I could find in newsagents and specialist shops at the time.

Those glimpses of gory delights within those luridly designed pages told the young, impressionable me of the wonder and majesty that was possible in the horror genre, and it was the passion with which their writers spoke in those features and columns that gave me a love for writing about film, long before I first visited Ain't It Cool back in 1999.

Those magazines were magical to me, and while I did get rid of my collection one awful day years ago, I have been able to replace those much-missed issues from a variety of sources and even expand my collection further than before. They speak of a different era of genre cinema, different distribution methods, different production methods and a different outlook on what horror was and is.

Plus, like classic comics, they contain some amazing adverts for things like Makeup FX schools, underground films, collectibles, masks, costumes and much more that set my imagination alight as a kid and a teenager.

Yes, I was into horror far younger than I should have been, but rather than the violence fascinating me, it was the craft and the tricks involved in putting those scares onto screens that held my interest. Those magazines were inspiring and, much to the chagrin of my teachers and parents, a big influence on the person I became. It's all their fault, I swear!


New Additions (quite a haul today!):
SHE FREAK/A TASTE OF BLOOD DVD (Something Weird Double Feature disc. The extras are AMAZING!)
Writers of the Future XXV (paperback, 2009)
Through a Glass, Clearly – Isaac Asimov (anthology – paperback, 1967)
Beyond The Barrier – Damon Knight (paperback, 1966)
The People Trap – Robert Sheckley (paperback, 1969)
Options – Robert Sheckley (paperback, 1977)
The Same To You Doubled – Robert Sheckley (anthology- paperback, 1972)

Watched: Trailers and short films on the Something Weird double-bill I got today :)

Reading: Destination: Universe! by A.E. van Vogt (only 2 pages of it today- too busy for more!)
Also have started proofing my next novella.

Making plans for: Display cases for action figures and racks for DVD/VHS collection.

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