Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Diary: That odd feeling

You know that odd feeling you get when you arrive at the end of a good book, or the credits roll on a favourite film? That feeling of slight disappointment because the delights have come to and end? I've had that today on a train, when I reached the end of Robert Silverberg's magnificent anthology 'Capricorn Games' from the mid-1970s.

It's a surprisingly strange and deeply moving collection of eight very varied science fiction stories, and even though I own a huge amount of his other work, I felt somewhat lost when I arrived at the last page. It's like la petite mort, the little death, that moment of post-coital depression.

I hate that awkward feeling, that sense of being set adrift upon a fictionless sea, and thus I remedied that by starting on Frederik Pohl's 'Slave Ship' novel a minute later. That odd feeling must be kept at bay at all times, which means more books and movies should be taken in. Oh, what a chore! ;)


Today's intake:
Reading: Capricorn Games by Robert Silverberg (finished)
Slave Ship by Frederik Pohl (started)
Watched: Nothing - I've been out and busy all day :(
Stuck in my head: The theme tune from 'Firefly'

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