Saturday, 13 August 2011

Diary: Paperbacks and Pork Products

I needed a break today. It's been a hell of a week with one thing and another (hiding from rioters, busy at the dayjob, writing, doing interviews and writing lots for the magazine), and as my girlfriend had a friend over for a couple of days, some Me time was in order. I sat with a Full English in my favourite cafe and took in a few pages of Robert Silverberg's "Capricorn Games" anthology from 1976 (1979 edition). Bliss.

Following the inhalation of pork and a chunk of a story of deep-space adventutring, I set off for one of my customary wabders around town. Time alone is important to me. As much as I love my girlfriend, my friends and family, I need a bit of time each day when I can do my own thing for a while. It can be as little as half an hour or as long as an afternoon, depending on the time available, but it's essential to keep me sane.

Naturally, my wanders around town usually end up with me coming home with a lighter wallet and a heavier messenger bag. Today I discovered three gorgeous SF pulps with beautiful painted covers and the first issue of Terry Moore's "Rachel Rising" comic book.

As if by the decree of some psychic deity, my mobile rang on my way home and I was informed by our delightfully old-fashioned mewsagent that the latest issue of my special order, Analog Science Fiction and Fact (I love the magazine, but the American spelling of the name still bugs me) had arrived.

I came home happy, which has been most welcome after this week's stresses. It's easy to get stuck in a spiral of tension when there's a lot going on, but it's important to take some time out and just do your own thing. I guess what I'm saying is; Always leave room in your life for paperbacks and pork products.

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