Friday, 19 August 2011

Diary: Lunch Amongst The Stars

I'd started reading Pohl's 'Slave Ship' novel this week, but just couldn't get into it. It's hard to explain why, though. The book is very well written, but something about it didn't grab me right now. I shall come back to it another day. Thus, today while on lunch at work I began reading another classic SF title I'd never experienced before, namely A.E. Van Vogt's collection 'Destination: Universe!' The first story, 'Far Centaurus' (from 1944) is instantly engrossing and quite wonderful. It's strange how some things will grab you straight away while others take longer to imprint themselves on your consciousness. I do hope one day I'll be able to write something so accessible. Anyway. A lunch break well spent, methinks.


Watched: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance trailer (looks great), various Grindhouse trailers

Destination: Universe! by A.E. Van Vogt (started)

New A
cquisitions: 'Terminal Force' (aka Galaxis) VHS tape, 'Serenity' mini poster.

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