Monday, 25 July 2011

SDCC – How I Crave You

It's been that time of year again, when myself and millions of geeks just like me wander the hallowed halls of the internet to catch glimpses of the fun going on in San Diego at the yearly San Diego Comic Con, aka SDCC. Unfortunately, I am 4,000 miles away from where it takes place and have not yet been in a position to afford to go. Thus SDCC remains a magical land where magical things happen, and not the sweaty, crowded nerdocalypse that it apparently is. Quite frankly, I am so very jealous that I could weep.

I used to write for a once-massively-popular pop culture blog, which I loved dearly while it lasted, and every year I had to cover the SDCC madness from afar by finding out every last tidbit of information I could about the panels, the unveilings, the events, the trailers, the fan reactions and everything else. It was like some form of brutal torture, which ended, every damn year, with me and a bunch of friends promising each other we'd all go next year.

After a while we all kind of gave up on ever getting there, resigned to the eternal torment of watching SDCC unfold from afar via blogs, Tweets, photo streams and shaky phone videos on YouTube. Sure, this year saw a huge amount of live streaming video from the panels and suchlike, but that could never, ever replicate the feeling of being there.

I want to wander amongst the indie publishers, the dealers, the crowds of sweaty geeks. I want to be amongst my people in our place, that coming together of like-minded souls from all over the world. I want to be surrounded by Stormtroopers, Cosplayers, stars old and new, comics creators, people I have admired for most of my life and always feel a kinship with. I want to carry around one of those enormous bags for freebies.

I want to wear my collection of geeky t-shirts with pride amidst the people that understand instead of just nodding and humouring me. I want to be amongst you, SDCC crowd. I want to share stories and meet people, hand manuscripts to publishers who won't read them, spend too much money on stuff I don't need, scream and shout when glimpsing a hero from afar and generally make a fool of myself alongside people just like me.

There are plans for myself and my former house-mate to make the pilgrimage to San Diego one year, but that is still further away than I would like. Next year? I doubt it. The year after? Maybe. All I know is that the desire to go to SDCC and be part of it, even once, is as strong as it always was. Why is this? Well, if you don't understand its appeal, you'll probably never understand me or anyone like me. For the rest of us SDCC Wannabes; I feel your pain. I understand the yearning. How about we all meet up there someday? Guys and Girls, I'll see you at SDCC.

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