Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Diary: Zombies Going Boom

I had a few hours to kill in the flat yesterday morning while waiting for a parcel to arrive, and as such I indulged in one of my many guilty pleasures. Wait, no, not THAT, you filthy minded urchin. I watched the first two Resident Evil movies (Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Apocalypse) back to back. I love that series of cheesy, noisy, pointless flicks so much. They’re just good fun, with no pretentions of being anything other than entertainment.

Sure, they have little resemblance to the famous games they were based on, but I couldn’t give a crap, as I’m not a video games fan. I like movies, books, music and comics, so the source material’s lack of presence in the four (so far) Resident Evil movies didn’t bother me.

Neither does the omnipresent Milla Jovovich, as she seems to be having so much fun making these things. That’s something it’s nigh on impossible to fake. While they’re daft and immature, the Resident Evil movies were clearly a blast to make, and you know what? They’re even more of a blast to watch.

Give in to those guilty pleasures and have some fun with your films. I think I’ll have to follow this up next time I get a free morning by watching Extinction and Afterlife back to back. I mean, a day always gets off to a good start when you’ve been watching Zombies going BOOM.

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