Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Diary: The Sucker Punch Soundtrack Has Serious Clout

Yeah, I know opinion was wildly divided on Sucker Punch, but I loved the film, and the soundtrack possibly even moreso. The songs were perfectly chosen, the remixes and covers extremely well made and very much in the spirit of the visuals. It's a soundtrack that really conjures a mood and is awesome to write to. Check out Emily Browning's version of the Eurhythmics classic 'Sweet Dreams' below:

It's fantastic, and evokes many of the film's stunning visuals every time I hear it. Even if you hated Zack Snyder's film, I implore you to check out the soundtrack, if only to hear Bjork/Skunk Anansie's insane mashup of 'Army of Me'. Now, if the OST had been longer than just nine tracks, it would have had even more clout. Right, I'm off to go and look for giant robotic Samurai.

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