Saturday, 11 June 2011

Wild Zero (1999)

Wild Zero is about as perfect a film for me as possible. It's ideal material for Diary of a Genre Addict, and above all it is deliriously entertaining in pretty much every respect. A Japanese cult flick including zombies, an alien invasion, quiffs and copious amounts of dirty rock n' roll? Why yes, that would be awesome. Right now I'm of the opinion that this is quite possibly the greatest film ever made.

It's loopy. Mad, violent, hilarious and ridiculously fun, Wild Zero is either a complete mess or a genuine masterpiece. Actually, it's probably both. This delightfully mental film tells the story of Ace, a rock n' roll obsessed young man with a massive love for the band Guitar Wolf (which grows until he ends up as their 'Rock n' Roll Blood Brother'), and his journey to rock n' roll glory while battling zombies, falling in love and trying to stay alive.An oncoming alien invasion brings the dead back to life, and thus legions of shambling cadavers are soon filling the streets and chomping on anyone stupid enough to get in their way. This description makes the film seem almost sane, but, dear reader, it most certainly isn't.
It's like Saturday morning cartoons, a mosh pit, Dawn of the Dead and Plan 9 from Outer Space all mixed together, but in Japanese and even more mental than any of those films. It is a delicious feast for anyone with a taste for the mad, the surreal and the obscure in their viewing.

Wild Zero is very, very silly, but hugely watchable. Japanese genre filmmakers really know how to keep the viewer entertained, even when their products can be as lunatic as this, not to mention nonsensical. The beauty of this stuff though is that it's not for people to pull apart and analyse.Films like Wild Zero, and especially Wild Zero, are there to be enjoyed at full volume, and can be enjoyed to a greater extent if you scream 'ROCK AND ROOOOOLLLLL' at every opportunity.

As well the zombies, spaceships, gore, mad characters and gloriously distorted rock music, there is a very sweet (and wonderfully unconventional) love story in there, and some great comedy moments between the mis-matched band of oddballs that are flung together in their fight for survival. Wild Zero is, in all honesty, one of the greatest films I have ever seen, and an absolute must for your collection. In any case, it's good training for the inevitable zombie apocalypse!

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