Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Invasion: The Beginning (2007)

Why oh WHY do I make myself sit through this stuff? While there have been some absolute gems amidst the low-budget movies I watch and talk about here, there are times when I wonder why I bothered getting a DVD player in the first place. This is one of those times. Invasion: The Beginning (aka Invasion of the Pod People) is one of the many ‘mockbusters’ from rip-off machine The Asylum.

Released at the same time as the Daniel Craig/Nicole Kidman remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (aka The Invasion), and it’s one of their worst ever. Ginger roots as alien plant props, production values that make it look and sound like it was shot on a phone, a script it took less time to write than to watch the movie of, and a cast who deserve better.

There’s so much background noise in every scene it’s like watching a movie with an active bus engine strapped to your face. Visually there’s the occasional well-framed shot or nicely edited sequence, but the film is otherwise devoid of merit.

Any atmosphere is created solely by the creepy score (which is possibly the best thing about the whole film), and the whole thing is just cheap and sleazy, but not in a pleasant Tinto Brass way. More a discount baked beans way.
It’s best used as background noise while doing something else, with the occasional glance over to see which plot beat they’ve arrived at, or for the lengthy scenes of a naughty nature if that’s your thing. While the main character is fighting against being replaced by these creatures, I recommend replacing the disc in the player with something else entirely.

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