Friday, 3 June 2011

Goodbye to the Buy Pile

Well, it’s happened. Due to a combination of finances and dissatisfaction with what I’ve been buying, it’s time to say goodbye to my weekly fix of comics. I’ve got a bit tired of storylines with anticlimactic endings, multi-title crossovers, price rises and a general feeling of disappointment recently. I’m sure there is some wonderful work being published, but it’s either swamped by the dross or stuff that doesn’t appeal to me as a reader.

This decision may be down to a tough and turbulent period of my life, but it may also be down to the scene being flooded with too much material. I’ve long since been of the opinion that the comics industry, and in particular the big publishers, should slim- down their lines. Y’know, like just putting out 2 X-titles a month, 2 Batman or 2 Spider-man. All ongoing. We don’t actually need or want millions of titles, when all’s said and done.

As a veteran of far too many line-wide crossovers too, I’m sick of shelling out so much cash for stuff just to get the whole story. One problem with the industry right now is saturation of certain creators too, meaning a noticeable dip in quality across the line. I love Bendis and Straczynski and suchlike, but sometimes the sheer number of titles with the same creators is staggering. And no, I’m not going digital with comics either. I love technology, love my iPad and so on, but without the actual physical item to hold, enjoy, store and appreciate, there’s even less that appeals to me.

I’ll be visiting my local indie comic stores to pick up trades of stuff from time to time, but I’m feeling far too bombarded by the monthlies right now. Too much to read, not enough time or money. And thus, with a heavy heart, I must bring my buy pile to a close. No big climax, no earth-shattering ending, just an unfortunate fizzle. I hope something can bring me to my senses, but with DC’s reboot, Marvel’s million titles a month and patchy release schedules for lots of other titles, I can’t see it happening for a while. Have I got too jaded after twenty years of collecting and reading these 7x10 treasures?

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