Friday, 18 February 2011

Wonder Woman 607 (DC Comics)

A lot of people still aren't sold on this new version of Wonder Woman, but I think the new costume is great and the younger character taking on the WW mantle is really interesting. The 'Odyssey' storyline hits part 7 with this issue, and is starting to grate on the nerves a bit, but the creative team just about pulls it off.

There are some shocking sequences throughout the comic, making the issue pack quite a punch, but it's the emotional conflict that the new Wonder Woman is still going through that is the most interesting to these eyes. I do hope this storyline ends soon though, as I'm not sure how much further it can stretch. Good stuff, though. The extra preview pages from 'War of the Green Lanterns' isn't all that awe-inspiring, but extra material is always a pleasant thing.

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