Friday, 18 February 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man 654 (Marvel Comics)

The Spider-Slayer 'Big Time' story comes to a poignant end with a Spider-Man comic that has a great deal going on but never feels cluttered. Everything seems to have been balanced perfectly, giving the reader a very satisfying read that ties up the story very well whilst still paving the way for the future of the title.

Mind you, with so damn many Spider-Man titles currently on the market (along with all of his guest appearances, such as in the new version of the Fantastic Four, FF) it's impossible to actually figure out where all the stories take place anyway. It'd be great if the number of titles could be slimmed down and all of them have such a high standard as this one. This is a mainstream book that is well worth your time and cash. The preview pages of the new Venom series are a bit weird though- kind f a mix between Avatar and Deadpool. Odd.

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