Saturday, 29 January 2011


It starts out like a science fiction disaster movie when an accident at a 'Synthetic nourishment' facility in the third world sends a cloud of toxic gas into the air. Naturally, this gas is able to turn people into flesh-craving zombies. Pfft, those pesky scientists and their mischief.

Then it suddenly becomes a siege movie with cops and a hostage situation at some posh house (apparently the American consulate somewhere or other). I'm already lost by this point. The dub is awful ("When did you start worrying about our balls, daddy?" WTF?) but some early gore scenes kept my eyes on the screen.

The siege scenes look like test footage from The A-Team, which is just odd, and not helped by the sheer cheese of the soundtrack. Next it goes kinda melodramatic and domestic, and twenty minutes in you start craving flesh yourself, just hoping something will happen. Luckily, it starts to kick off five minutes later, with characters being taken over by the gas and people starting to cop for nasty zombie attacks. Well, I say zombies, but these are more extras in party makeup than hideous undead ghouls.

Essentially a knock-off of Zombie Flesh Eaters, just with soldiers instead, the film doesn't seem to know what to do with itself. Zombies, cannibals, voodoo, bastardized science,they're all here.

Vincent Dawn's direction is flat and uninspired, as is the script and the look of the film. An odd facet of the film is the fact that most of the characters seem pretty nonplussed about the carnage around them or the oncoming zombie apocalypse. There are some strong makeup effects and some suitably gruesome gore, but the sadly the film just comes across as inept, plodding and tiresome. One for the completists.

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