Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wolverine and Jubilee 1 (Marvel Comics)

What? You don't buy a couple of X-men comics and suddenly you've lost the plot again. The teaming of Wolverine and Jubilee was always a brilliant thing back in the day (I'm talking about the run of Wolverine issues in the 90s where the two of them were on their own against all manner of bad guys), and when I heard about a new mini featuring the two of them together, I was thrilled.

The cover of issue 1 features Wolvie and Jubes exactly as they were in their halcyon days, so imagine my reaction when I read the issue and discovered... not much. Instead of the classic- style fun the cover suggests, we get an introspective and downbeat issue following Jubilee trying to come to terms with being a vampire now. Wait... what? *Sigh*. Reeeeeaaaally fed up of vampires now.

Apparently there's been some big vamp story that has completely passed me by (Vampires, just the mention of them, will now make me actively avoid pretty much anything as there is *nothing* new to say about them- no matter how much people may say otherwise). The art and script are serviceable, but it doesn't have enough to warrant a miniseries.

It's not a comic, it's a therapy session. What's worse, it's a therapy session bogged down by a huge amount of reader-alienating continuity. Get Jubilee cured and get her powers back, cut her hair, get her a yellow coat again, and stop dressing Wolverine like the movie version. If we get Jubilee back the way she was by the end of the series, I'll be thrilled. If not, I'll be thinking twice about buying any X-books again for a long time. This is a missed opportunity behind a fantastic cover.

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