Monday, 10 January 2011

Spider-Girl 2 (Marvel Comics)

The latest incarnation of the Spider-Girl series (How many is this now?) continues at the same level of quality as issue 1, which is most pleasant. The internal monologues continue to be shown as tweets from The_Spider_Girl, which may get old soon, but still works for this issue. After the first issue's cliffhanger, the first half of this month's instalment is all-action, but there is ample time set aside for some pretty deep character scenes too, mainly coming to terms with the events of the first issue.

Something I love about this comic so far is that it isn't bogged down by being chained to the larger Marvel universe. It exists in its own little world, with the rest of the overly complicated Marvel universe happening somewhere off-screen.

The Fantastic Four are once again present for much of the comic, but it is Spider-Girl herself that shines through as the star of the piece. It's packed with story and holds the attention, but it remains to be seen just how long this latest retread of the Spider-Girl character can hold the attention of the mass audience. I hope it's a good long while, as there is some great work being offered from the creative team behind this pleasantly humble and unassuming title.

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