Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Diary: The Search Is On

Whoops. A free morning today quickly became the first moments of a new quest to find weird films and TV. Of course, it would be easy for me to find stuff on eBay or Amazon or via iTunes, but that eliminates the really fun part of being a geek obssessive like me- the actual search.

While the internet has improved my life in pretty much every way, it has robbed sad gits like me the joy of the hunt for the things we want. I favour second hand shops, charity shops and market stalls with old films on them. Or newsagents that have had some old b-movies on big-box VHS lying around for years. Or independent rental places that are getting rid of old stock.

I like to discover the booty for myself, see it waiting for me on a shelf or a rack, begging me to rescue it from its dreary days surrounded by people that don't understand its charms. Yes, I am anthropomorphizing plastic and magnetic tape, and I should stop.

I guess this is where I really am turning into an old snob. As wwith my other obssession (books- in particular classic SF novels and collections), I like to search out the gems for myself rather than letting a search engine do it.

I remember days as a teenager, when I would catch a glimpse of some cheapo horror film or SF flick, and the sense of wonder surrounding those films. I think it was something to do with knowing full well that those tapes had little chance of finding their way to me in the Yorkshire city I was in.

Those films, be they American, European or Asian, held so much magic in their gaudy cover art and their badly worded adverts that they seemed like dreams printed upon glossy paper. Now those things are easy to come by, and I have to get my kicks another way.

So if you see me rummaging in your local charity shop, light glinting off my head as I hurtle towards the battered old videos, don't even think about reaching for the tape with the zombies on the cover. Trust me.

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