Saturday, 1 January 2011

A Brand New Year To Get Square Eyes

Hey. A new year has begun and in preparation for my forthcoming continued adventures as a devout genre addict, I've decided to make some real plans for the place. The movie reviews will continue in earnest, but as regular readers will have noticed, comic book and TV reviews are creeping in too. This will continue, and there will be many more 'Diary' entries too. I want to make this site a bit more personal. I feel that the best pieces on here are the ones that are kinda autobiographical, such as the Nemesis movies piece which still gets a ton of traffic.

Books will start to play a part in the place too, with occasional reviews and anecdotes. Over the past year this site has gone from being a hobby to being something that means a great deal to me as a fan and as a writer. As you can see above, the site has a new logo for 2011, and there will be a few other tweaks too.

The trailer posts will return, along with more collectibles, cartoons and whatever else seeps from the open sore that is my brain. Mmm.

My quest to find weird and wonderful films on DVD and VHS will continue throughout the year, and I'll cover them all right here. I do this because I love doing it, talking about these films, even the awful ones. Bad films are like fresh air to me- essential to my well-being. So yeah, here's to a new year of geeking out over stuff full of gore, explosions, zombies, spaceships and people with lasers. I still can't get enough. Hence the name of the place, really...

Your humble Genre Addict,

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