Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Wonder Woman 604 (DC Comics)

The fourth part of the 'Odyssey' story picks up the pace a huge amount, and any issues I'd been having with the rejuvenated Wonder Woman title have gone away. This is a damn fine comic book. The creative team, lead by J. Michael Straczynski, have created an epic climax to the current storyline, which leads very nicely into the next.

I'd not enjoyed other recent issues as much as I could have done, due to the aforementioned slow pace, but this one really makes up for it. The new Wonder Woman's trial by fire (literally) is handled nicely, with a surprising and satisfying cameo that helps to cement this iteration of the character as the (new) real thing.

Incidentally, I think the new, more flattering costume is great, and fits perfectly with both the character herself and the current move to more believable and practical superhero comics. A job very well done all round.

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