Thursday, 30 December 2010

Uncanny X-Men 531 (Marvel Comics)

The flagship X-Men title is a difficult read these days. The art, pencilled by Greg Land, is stunning in its detail and seemingly effortless beauty, but the script seems too weighed down by its own continuity.

The issue feels like it spends the first twelve pages or so catching up with itself. Even with the first page recap that is standard with Marvel titles now, it is a hard issue to get into. The Quarantine story just isn't engaging me as much as it should.

While the issue has been getting some great reviews elsewhere, for me as a reader it feels a bit too crowded. It's stuffed with story, yes, but possibly to the detriment of letting any of the plotlines have their moment.

Mind you, with my eyes wandering from the story so often it left me ample chance to really enjoy the visuals. The search for the cause and cure for the mutant flu that has floored everyone continues. Yeah, mutant flu. It has dampened everyone's powers who has gone down with it, leaving a weakened X-team to face dangerous matters without a bunch of key players. It moves the story on nicely, but aside from that breathtaking artwork, it's lacking some spark this month.

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