Saturday, 4 December 2010


This is the first new Transformers comic I've bought in aaaaaaages. I found a while back that the Transformers comics had vanished up their metallic backsides, and thus I stopped reading them. I picked this up in passing due to the fun cover of Rodimus and a flick through the book. It's a superbly entertaining issue, showcasing some nicely stylized artwork from Nick Roche and a snappy script by Mike Costa.

Rodimus (or Hot Rod, as us old timers tend to remember the little git) is as cocky as he always was, and I'm gonna have to track down the issues before this to find out just what happened to lead up to the point where he's setting off on a suicide mission against a Decepticon base in an attempt to rescue the Autobot leadership matrix.

Despite the high octane action, there's some nifty character work on display, which elevates this issue far above what I'd been expecting. I thought I was just in for some awesome art, but instead I got one of the best things to carry the Transformers name in years. Has the whole series been this good?

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