Saturday, 4 December 2010

Oracle - One Shot (DC Comics)

I picked up some titles I'd missed previously this week. The 'Bruce Wayne: The Road Home' story arc continues across the DC Comics Batman range with this decent one shot starring the former Batgirl and Birds of Prey head honcho Barbara Gordon. Multi title crossovers are never a pleasant thing to try and keep up with, and I've not been paying any attention to the current story, so I was more than a bit lost with this one-shot. In addition, it barely features Oracle at all, despite having a huge image of her on the cover and her name for the title. The majority of the issue is a big, loud fight between a bunch of C-list DC characters and some of R'as Al Ghul's badasses. Marc Andreyko's script and Agustin Padilla's art are both impressive and imaginative, but the lack of the title character for most pages in the issue is a bit of a drawback. As it is, it feels like an afterthought. Right, I'm off to read some old Birds of Prey issues and remind myself how awesome the character can be.

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