Saturday, 4 December 2010

Diary: In The Mood For Jedi

Sometimes, nothing but a Star Wars movie will do. Tonight, after a load of travelling and a very stressful week, myself and my lady decided to stick Return of The Jedi on to relax to. You see, the Star Wars movies are brilliant mood pieces for however you're feeling. You see, if you're feeling optimistic and cheerful, there's A New Hope. Pissed off and needing to let off steam? Watch The Empire Strikes Back (good advice whatever you feel like).

Wanting something that isn't very taxing and is comfortable and fun? Return of the Jedi. Need background noise and twenty minutes of perfection? The Phantom Menace. Masochistic? Attack of the Clones. I'm not so sure about Revenge of the Sith, though. Of the prequels, it's the best film, but it also feels the least like a Star wars movie (the most 'Star Wars' feeling flick was TPM). I guess that one should be reserved for when you want to sit for two hours and wait for The Good Bit to arrive, only to finish up going 'That "Nooooooo" was rubbish'.

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