Thursday, 30 December 2010

Birds of Prey 7 (DC Comics)

Hmm. For someone who claims to be such a Marvel fanboy, I seem to be reading a lot of DC titles lately. I wonder why that is. Possibly something to do with DC publishing some truly outstanding comics lately.

This latest issue of the rejuvenated Birds of Prey series sees the 'Death of Oracle' story building and building. The inclusion of Batman is sure to shift a few more copies, and the exchange between him and Oracle is pitch-perfect, but it's the strength of Gail Simone's script and some sterling artwork that keep the pages turning rather than any hype.

The scenes involving the team in a strip club are hilarious, but this is an issue for character drama more than anything. The final action scene may feel a little bit tacked-on, but it does help to set all of the pieces for the remaining three parts of the story into place. I really am eagerly awaiting the next issue.

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