Friday, 26 November 2010

Stan Lee's The Traveler - Issue 1

BOOM studios and Stan 'The Man' Lee have teamed up to present a bunch of new superhero titles, and the first issue of The Traveler (written by none other than Mark Waid) found its way into my comic pile this week thanks to the superb cover art. It's a good, fun read, and throws you straight into the action of the Traveler an his time-twisting abilities.

The villains, known as Split-Seconds, are pretty cool but a tad one dimensional. Actually, everything about the comic is a bit one-dimensional, but it's just the first issue, and it does its job of setting the scene very well.

It's great to read a superhero title that is son unashamedly a superhero title, and while this one is all style (and bright colours) over substance, it's entertaining enough. Here's hoping issue 2 carries a bit more depth.

Now, I shall go and wash my hands after having to use the US spelling of 'Traveller'.

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