Saturday, 27 November 2010

Black Widow 8 (Marvel Comics)

Kiss or Kill Part 3 ups the ante of the Black Widow title with a brilliant mix of action, intrigue and highly kinetic art. The first two parts were a little lacklustre, with scratchy art and some pacing problems, but this one makes up for those episodes with a ton of style.

Natalia in this issue is everything the Black Widow character should be- determined, sexy, intelligent and formidable. Her chemistry with the Nick Crane character finally falls into place, and the inclusion of super-powered lunatics is a boon after two issues of straightforward espionage action.

Manuel Garcia's pencils and Lorenzo Ruggiero's inks bring Swierczynski's fascinating script to thrilling life, and on the whole it's a very satisfying package. A very cool issue of a rapidly improving series, and well worth slogging through the first two parts of this story to get to!

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