Sunday, 28 November 2010

Batwoman - Issue Zero (DC Comics)

This is an interesting look at things to come for the Batwoman series which is getting underway soon. Told in the form of an investigation by Batman into the identity of Batwoman. It basically lays the groundwork for the character and brings new readers up to speed before the ongoing series debuts. As a trailer for that, it works very well.

The two art styles that are used represent the two identities superbly, and really give you a sense of the duality of these characters' lives. Batwoman is the most high-profile gay character DC have published, and her orientation is dealt with in a very subtle manner rather than in your face.

One thing I really like is how Batwoman is rendered, as there are some shots where she looks positively demonic and unhinged. On the strength of this preview issue alone, I'll be checking the series out, and I don't say that lightly ass I'm more a Marvel guy. The issue is backed up with a preview from Detective Comics #871, drawn by Jock, which is always a good thing.

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