Friday, 22 October 2010

QUICK FIX: Nightmare Hostel (aka Dr. Rage - 2005)

What the? No, no no no. No thanks. I like crap movies, but this is beyond even me. I picked this up for a quid on a recent DVD spree (God bless halloween discount movies) and it's barely even worth that. The cover is TOTALLY misleading, and whoever wrote that quote on the cover must have been watching something else entirely. It's shot in a gloomy fashion, but that's where the Hostel similarities begin and end. The story? Bah, some crap about experimentation on humans which either sends them mental or turns them into mutants.

It's shot okay, but the acting, script and direction stink. You can really see what thee makers were trying to achieve, but it fails on just about every level. It's passable entertainment for a late night with some beers and something else occupying most of your attention, but to sit down and watch Nightmare Hostel is to waste 90 minutes of your life.

Mind you, there's a trailer on the DVD for a flick called ICE QUEEN, and while the film itself may suck, that trailer is brilliant, and made me feel much happier about losing a quid on Nightmare Hostel. I mean, I could have bought myself some Tizer or something.

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