Sunday, 5 September 2010


The ever-reliable J. Michael Straczynski has turned in another great script for this issue of the rejuvenated Wonder Woman title. Diana looks cool in her new, more modest/practical costume, and the story has her slap bang in the middle of the action, just how fans like it. The Amazons are being decimated by soldiers, and must do all they can to escape their formerly hidden home in order to survive. Thankfully, Wonder Woman is on hand to kick some infantry ass for them and help provide the remaining Amazons with an escape window. The story is sharp and nicely paced, and while the art is a little patchy in some frames, there are some truly fabulous splash pages. With two pencillers and three inkers, the issue is rather visually disjointed, but the sturdy script from JMS helps things along nicely. All in all, Wonder Woman's new era is shaping up quite well.

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