Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Diary: DVD Sequels

I love straight-to-DVD sequels. They're deliciously awful things that seem to be universally hated by prety much everyone that pays money to watch them. Folks who download them seem nonplussed, but I couldn't vouch for them as I have honestly never downloaded a film illegally. DVD sequels have a huge amount of allure for me, and I have consumed far too many of them in the past few years.

Be they sequels to Hellraiser, Pumpkinhead, Wrong Turn, The Net (it still amazes me there was a sequel to The Net at all...) or whatever, I love those tacky 90 minute cash-ins like long-lost family members. I mean, these things either have very tenuous links to their big screen brethren or simply rehash the originals completely.

They're cheap, nasty and generally badly made, but they still hold a huge amount of
entertainment value for me. You see, trapped in those low budget frames there lies a great film trying to burst its way out. You can't deny that the art of the b-movie sequel should be admired. The people behind these films have to take on a popular franchise and recreate it for the small screen on a fraction of the budget, while still remaining close enough to the look of the original for fans to take it seriously.

Sure, you probably shouldn't take many genre films seriously at all (Hell, I know I don't, and I spend much of my time watching the things), but you can still let yourself be entertained. Yes, the production values have sunk and the cast is all different and the effects suck and the music is all nicked from other films, but who cares? It's YOU that has created the DVD sequels phenomenon yourself! They're cheap to make and they provide studios with something new to peddle that can drag out the last few pennies from any remotely popular franchise. Give DVD sequels a chance.

Apart from the American Pie sequels. They should be burned, the ashes fashioned into the shape of a turd, and burned again.

Then ground into a paste.

And burned again.

In wee.

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