Saturday, 8 May 2010

Quick Fix: Femforce (Comics)

The Femforce comics have always been a guilty pleasure of mine. The Femforce comic series is one of the most delightfully traditional superhero books around, and while its fortunes have plummeted in recent years, I still have a great deal of admiration for the title and AC comics in general. Why? Well, when I started buying the title in the early 1990s, the comics industry was flailing around like mad, trying to figure out the way to entice the most people to buy their foil stamped, die-cut, heat reactive, holofoil (etc) covered comics, at the cost of the actual stories themselves.

Sure, there was some great stuff around, but I'd started getting bored of the ludicrous covers and whatnot. Femforce was a delightful indie title that recalled the classic era of four colour superhero comics, which to me is the 70s and 80s back issues I'd been picking up as a kid.

Sure, the whole team is made up of Amazonian ladies in multicoloured costumes, but the characters are strong and the art never depicts the Femforce in the overtly sexual manner in which many other comics have been doing for so long. Deep and meaningful? No. Pure entertainment? Yes. While the title has slipped even further into obscurity now, I hope that it can come back bigger and better- then maybe we'll finally get the movie that was planned back in the day. At least then I could review it here... ;)

Trivia: In issue 68, there was a letter published from my 15 year old self!

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