Monday, 26 April 2010

Quick Fix: JIGSAW (2002)

Full Moon Entertainment is a company I have a lot of affection for. They were responsible for a number of my favourite films as a teenager, including the mini-masterpiece that was ARCADE (I gotta get a copy of that to talk about for you- my VHS went AWOL years ago). However, they;re also known for the sheer number of titles they release. JIGSAW is a fun little horror flick from 2002 that has all the hallmarks of a suitably cheap and cheerful Full Moon film. The basic plot of it is that a group of troubled art students are each given a part of a mannequin to decorate and modify, taking inspiration from their darkest secrets and problems. Of course, the mannequin, once assembled, comes to life and starts offing them all in the manner of their own fears. It's not rocket science, and the cast are fair to middling, but it's entertaining, bloody and ideal pizza-and-beer viewing. My one issue with the film is the ending, which is a bit of a let-down, but in the context of the flick it works. A fun little film despite its limitations.

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